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Have you been trying to get pregnant for months with no luck? Are you worried that you will never be a mom?

Have you always had troubles with your menstrual cycle and fear something is wrong with you?


Are you afraid of using IVF, hormones, or drugs to conceive?

Are you worried about the financial impact fertility treatments may have?

Or maybe you’ve been trying for more than a year, are already working with a fertility clinic, have started treatments, and have concerns about your egg quality?


Have you been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and don’t know where to go next?


Don’t despair, there is hope.

I'm Shelby, your Holistic Fertility Specialist.

I am here to support you no matter where you are at on your fertility journey. We will start wherever you are.

Whether you have a diagnosis that makes you concerned you may not be able to get pregnant, or you’ve been trying for a while without success, or whether you are already undergoing fertility treatments with a doctor. I’ve got your back.

I will teach you how you can help yourself, and when a Holistic Fertility Specialist like myself, is needed.

My training in Functional Medicine provides a modern lens that further deepens the holistic resources available for real transformation and self-empowerment throughout your fertility journey.

Using the combination of thorough health history, diagnostic assessment, and compassionate support, I guide women & couples on their path toward building their family, and coach them on ways to optimize their fertility naturally and holistically. 


What does Holistic Fertility Coaching entail?

You will receive 1:1 personalized guidance in both medical and holistic options to optimize your fertile health, as well as your whole-self wellness. You will receive deeply compassionate and loving support on this often intense journey, and walk away feeling more inspired, more capable, and more ready to call in your child.

In-Depth Consultation

Our initial consultation call will be a deep-dive into who you are, the details of your journey leading to this point, and your full medical & holistic health history, so that I can better serve you on this path.

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Personalized Holistic Treatment Plan

Your Fertility Treatment Plan will not be a standardized series of instructions that I give everyone. It will be a personal and unique path to assist you in uncovering your true fertile abundance, using herbal medicine, bodywork therapy, lifestyle changes, nutritional support, and more.

Awaken Your Fertile Abundance

Ongoing Compassionate Support

Once your Treatment Plan is established, we will determine the suggested frequency of sessions and I will continue to walk with you on your journey, wherever it leads. I will offer guidance and advice throughout, as well as full-spectrum information on ALL of your options - both medical and alternative.

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What's Included After Our Initial Consult?

After your 90-minute initial consultation and your 60-minute follow-up session with a personalized Treatment Plan, I will guide you through 10 weeks of Holistic Fertility education. You will have access to the entire Inspire Life program, fully guided and supported by a specialist along the way.

Week 1: Cycle Science

 We are going to take a look at your menstrual cycle so that you understand what should be happening every month and make the necessary changes if your cycle is not behaving the way that it should.

Week 2: Fertility Foes

After reviewing all the potential causes of your fertility struggle, you will see how multifactorial reproductive health is, as well as the reality that, even if you are diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility, there is likely a reason and most definitely a path to fertility promotion and restoration.

Week 3: Optimize your LoveMaking

One of the most important roles a holistic fertility specialist plays is the Herb and Supplement Police. In this module we will discuss supplementing and the best way to optimize your fertility through supplements.

Week 4: Diet

We are going to spend two lessons on this topic. First, we are going to talk about the basic tenets of a healthy diet, including what you should and should not be eating, and why. 

Week 5: Fertile Foods

In this lesson, we will talk about specific foods to eat to boost your fertility and I will share recipes to start adding to your daily ritual that are delicious and nutritious, so you can get a jump start on making your diet fertility friendly.

Week 6: Toxin Taboo

This lesson will help you limit your toxin exposure in ways that are accessible and manageable to you in the hope that you can tip the scales towards healthy detoxification instead of an overburdened body.

Week 7: Inspired Movement

This session will provide the best guidelines for exercise with fertility in mind. If you have different fitness goals, I would encourage you to set those goals aside for the time being to really learn how you can support your fertility through mindful movement.

Week 8: Self-Care

This weeks lessons will focus on providing some ideas of how to integrate simple self-care practices into your life, with a focus on your fertility.

Week 9: Fertility Meditation

Meditation is not about razor-sharp focus or sustained concentration. It’s about creating a sense of calm acceptance for what is. This week includes a guided meditation and support in developing your own practice.

Week 10: What Now?

A big part of what I do as a fertility coach is to guide women through the maze of fertility treatment options. This module will break down the entire process, starting with testing and moving on to treatments offered by the conventional Western medical model.

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1:1 Fertility Coaching Package


Full Payment Option for $115 Off

  • 90-minute initial consultation
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Exclusive guided access to The Inspired Life Program education 
  • 2 in-depth & supportive initial sessions followed by 10 weeks of support (12 sessions total)
  • Payment plan available at $385/month for 3 months (read below for details)
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Invest in the future of your family.

My Fertility coaching package is for any woman on her fertility journey looking for a holistic, alternative option to help her optimize her wellness in a radically abundant way. My clients exclaim about their vibrant fertility and beautiful families after working together, and you can too.

If we decide that ongoing sessions would serve you best on this journey, you have the option of continuing our 1:1 coaching at $85 per session beyond the initial 12 weeks.

Initial Fertility Consult


Included in the 1:1 Fertility Coaching Package

  • 90-minute initial consultation
  • Personalized treatment plan 
  • 60-minute follow-up session
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1:1 Fertility Coaching Package w/ Payment Plan


3 monthly payments

  • 90-minute initial consultation
  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Exclusive guided access to The Inspired Life Program education 
  • 2 in-depth & supportive initial sessions followed by 10 weeks of support (12 sessions total)
  • Make 3 monthly payments of $385 rather than $1000 up front.
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Inspire Life Self-Guided Course with Initial Fertility Consult


Hybrid of 1:1 Coaching & The Self-Guided Course

  • 90-minute initial consultation
  • Personalized treatment plan 
  • 60-minute follow-up session
  • Access to the Inspire Life Self-Guided Course including:
  • 10 modules of holistic fertility education
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